Change your browser cursor

There is a sweet CSS2 feature to change your browsers cursor. In your style sheet use the cursor parameter with the url of the image and what type of cursor it is.

For example:

cursor:url('/images/mycursor.gif'), pointer;

Note this works only for browsers that support CSS2 functions.

Getting old firefox extensions to work with newer versions

Upon upgrading to the Firefox 1.5 1 beta release many of my extensions did not work. Not knowing why I did a few searches. After just what seemed like nanoseconds I found an article on that outlined a simple fix and an helped me understand how firefox extensions work.

By simply changing the child node inside install.rdf to 1.5 (the 1.5 beta version) my pagerank extension now works with 1.5. Example: < em :maxVersion>< strong>1.5< /strong>< /em>

Note: This works on extensions that have almost nothing to do with the new browser code.

Get the modified extension here.