The Java Website Monitor is a java program that tries to detect if a website is
up and if not send an SMTP email to a list of valid email addresses. It can be
run with or without SMTP authentication and with or without SSL provided that
the proper site certificate is installed in the keystore.

This was created as a free alternative to Alertsite, http://www.alertsite.com.
Granted its not as detailed as Alertsite but it gets the job done.

It can be run through a command line, batch file, or set up as cron job/scheduled task.

Current Version: 0.9.2

JWebMonitor on GitHub


This app has been tested with JVM/JDK 1.5.0_06.

Upcoming features:

Ability to scan for specific keywords on the page


Look at the forum!


JWebMonitor is free! If you like this app and wish to support it, please consider
these donation methods:

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