AgileNote! Changelog


  1. Added version to setup screen title.
  2. Fixed null pointer bug on preferences current values.
  3. Converted some strings to resources.


  1. Updated libraries.
  2. Added current levels to preferences window.
  3. Changed setup widget text.


  1. Updated libraries.
  2. Added widget preview images.
  3. Changed setup widget look and feel.


  1. Enhanced icon.
  2. Added disable to intensity popup duration if intensity checkbox isn’t checked.
  3. Added description about setting brightness values directly to the preference dialog window.
  4. Cleaned up the setup window.


  1. Fixed problem on Sony Ericsson phones.
  2. Optimized text.
  3. Updated library.


  1. Updated library, reduced app size.
  2. Added new widget configuration screen to let users choose their widget style.