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GameSquares Logo GameSquares is a n-puzzle number slide game based on a plastic game that every child had before computers, MP3 players, and iPods.

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It was a mandatory item for long car trips. It is simple and yet complex at the same time.  This version of the game allows the number of moves and the time to successful completion to be saved.


(05-30-2011) GameSquares 1.0.3 is released. Fixed bug.

Download GameSquares from Android Market – (1.0.3)

You can also search for “n-puzzle game” in the Android Market or use a QR bar code scanner and scan one of the images on the right.


  • Select from 7 different tile colors
  • Save/Clear High Scores
  • Enable/Disable Analytics
  • Default Settings:
    • Analytics enabled

Planned Features

  1. Add ability for user to choose their own image for tiles.


– Touch the New Game button to start a new 3×3 or 4×4 tile game. Touch a numbered square to move it to the blank square. The object of the game is to put the squares in the sequences shown below.
– Touch the Continue button to resume a previous game.
– Touch the How To Play button for on-screen instructions.
– Touch the Options button to allow this application to send anonymous usage data.
– Touch the High Scores button to view high scores for each mode.



3x3 tile layout


4x4 tile layout

Tested Devices


None at the moment.


BTC: 19SCW17cmJuBbhQAKaRez1YDzzUujjkHwD

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