ClassNotFoundException after updating libraries on Android

Occasionally, I have problems with a ClassNotFoundException being thrown after deploying a new version of my app to my Android devices. These usually occur when I update some of the 3rd party libraries I’m using. After SDK 17 libraries should go into a ‘libs’ directory instead of the ‘lib’ directory. This has occured a couple times using various SDK versions. I tried numerous solutions like ‘clean’ and installing a fresh copy of the apk but none of that worked. What did work, was removing the project from Eclipse (Indigo) and re-adding existing projects from source. It looks like the project gets corrupted from the IDE and a re-add helps to solve this problem.

Maybe this will be fixed in SDK 20? I hope so.

Android Widget 1×1 Background

One thing that irked me when android came out with widgets in 1.5 was that the documentation didn’t include a psd of a 1×1 widget background. I took an existing widget and created a 1×1 sized widget from that. Please feel free to download and use or modify for your applications.


UPDATE: Adding 4×2 versions of the background.